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A Solution at Last

Over the years INSECO, Inc.’s research, development and tests have yielded a superior product, WOODRx. WOODRx offers outstanding performance in every climate around the world. Developed in the early 1990s to replace ineffective, traditional wood sealers, it was tested in one of the harshest climates in the world, Southwest Florida.

Superior Wood Sealer

Some of the most popular sealers available leave even pressure treated lumber in a partially deteriorated state within six months of treatment! Decks, docks, sidings, specialty hardwoods, pressure treated lumber, garden furniture, playhouses, log homes, fences and cedar shakes had to be treated repeatedly just to maintain visual appeal to say nothing of prolonging lifespan! Armed with a firm commitment, a base of operations located in the best testing grounds in the country, and the belief that a formula could be found, WOODRx was developed. See how WOODRx Verses Other Wood Coatings, and read about the Differences Between WOODRx and Traditional Sealers.

No Toxic Ingredients

WOODRx has advanced technology that combines the superior durability characteristics of premium 100% acrylic coatings with easy application and simple long term maintenance. With a VOC of less than 50 g/l and no toxic ingredients, WOODRx is the only product of its kind. Read Why WOODRx Ultra is Unique.

Most Technologically Advanced

An environmentally friendly product and durable in every climate, WOODRx is one of the most technologically advanced wood sealers on the market today. WOODRx protects with state of the art fungicides that retard mildew growth and powerful UV screeners to filter out the sun’s harmful rays. It penetrates, seals and protects wood from the most severe effects of nature. Read about the 15 Advantages of WOODRx Wood Sealer.

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